Welcome to Rivers & oak!

We're so happy you found us and have decided to join us on this journey! 

We're so excited to have you and can't wait for you to experience the makers of the Kootenays!!

Read below for more info on our Makers Nurturing Makers Mission!!

Love always,

ri and tiff 

Our Makers nurturing makers mission.

The Kootenay region spans from the sunny Okanagan to the Albertan boarder.  It is a lush terrain filled with towering mountains, beautiful lakes, colourful forests and crystal clear rivers.  It is also home to some of the most humbly talented and laid back people you will ever meet.  Here in the Kootenays, we run on our own time, we embrace and take care of our surroundings and we use that as inspiration.  That is why we at Rivers & Oak had a dream to encompass the Kootenay lifestyle into our Subscription Box.  Being Makers ourselves, we appreciate the time, creativity and inspiration put into each makers masterpiece.  Whether that be pottery from Rossland to natural essential oil blends from Fernie, our mission became simple.  To bring the Kootenays to you, and to support and spread love to our Kootenay Makers in the process.  

Makers nurturing makers. 

Each Seasonal box we mail out is curated with that season in mind.  Our collaborative efforts with our Kootenay Makers has given us the opportunity to provide you with a seasonal subscription box that will not only make you feel spoiled, provide some essentials for the season and bring nature into your home...but it will always provide a piece of what we all have grown to love and cherish here in our region.  Nature, adventure, creativity and support.  

We hope you enjoy these boxes as much as we enjoy making and curating them for you.

Welcome the to the Rivers & Oak Tribe!

Love always,

Ri and Tiff